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Interview With Christian Tikkanen On The Food Culture of Swedish-Speaking Population in Finland – Episode 24

My guest today is Swedish-speaking Finnish chef Christian Tikkanen, the founder and secretary of Finlands Svenska Måltidsakademi aka Finlands Swedish Food Academy.

Christian and I talked about the food culture of Swedish speaking population in Finland and the factors that affect it. We also talked about signature dishes and recipes and discussed whether the culture of the Swedish-speaking population in Finland is in danger of being lost.

Christian also introduced Finlands Svenska Måltidsakademi and their activities.

At the end of the episode, Christian has a question for you, and we hope to see your answers as a comment below!

The episode on Spotify:

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Finlands Svenska Måltidsakademi Website: https://www.må

Have a great week!

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  1. francis says

    I lived alone for many years in a somewhat isolated area of No Cal. After my commute home from work on the bus here is a typical evening. I shopped only for one meal – dinner. I bought too much. I paid too much. I took too long to prepare the meal. Because I masked isolation by playing music and sipping too much wine. And then I ate too fast. And felt too tired to do anything more than just soak the dirty dishes before just falling asleep. The only way to break the cycle was to dine out, alone, and spend too much money for basically the same experience…

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