Author: Asli

Vegemessut – Vegan Food Fair 2020 At Kaapelitehdas

This weekend, at Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki, there is the vegan food fair, “Vegemessut”.   It’s the biggest vegan food event in Nordic countries and it has been organised a few times already. Lots of vegan food brands will be there, so if you are interested in the latest trends and products in vegansphere, be there!     I will be visiting it for the first time as I always forgot it in previous years and then it was sold out. This year, thanks to a friend reminding on Facebook, I got my ticket and will be there on Saturday morning.     Personally, I have mixed feelings about products like vegan “cheese”, vegan “sausage” etc. but it is still good to go and try some of the new products.   So, maybe I’ll see some of you there!   Photos are taken from Vegemessut instagram page: For more info about the event:  

Plum Cake Aka Georgian Period Fruit Cake

I don’t like traditional fruit cakes eaten generally in Christmas time. I got to know these cakes when I moved to Helsinki, but I never became fond of them. This one, though, is a delicious version as it doesn’t have too many different fruits and also, almonds adds a nice texture. Oh and by the way, there is no plum in it.