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Gluten Free Thursday: Strawberry Cake With Almonds, Cardamom And Orange – Strawberry Cakes Forever!

Well, I know you, friends in Helsinki, you will look at the weather outside while reading this very summery recipe and think, where did the summer go? We had an amazing weather in May with temperatures going up as far as 26C and we were all happy and also quite shocked. But now it’s back to normal June weather, which is, meh. And yet, this cannot stop us from eating cakes which resemble summer!

Gluten Free Thursday: Lemon, Orange And Basil Cake – As Fresh As It Sounds

I don’t really like so-called Women’s Magazines. But whenever I go to my hairdresser, I check the first few on the shelf for the food pages. As I was going through one of the magazines last time I was there, I found this recipe in one of the magazines (and for the life of me, I cannot remember which magazine it was!). I loved the use of fresh basil in a cake, so I decided to try it.