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Drink This: Latte in Caffi


Update on 18.11.2018: This cafe no longer exists.

I am not a coffee person really. I like tea, nicely and heavily brewed tea, but I am not so keen on coffee. I drink coffee, yes, but I cannot always tell the difference between good and bad coffee. I have an espresso machine at home, but I bought it to make tiramisu any time I want.

One thing I like, though, is latte. It is mild enough for me, and there is still coffee taste – I am actually a milk hater (for drinking) but in latte, it becomes an asset! So whenever I am at a coffee shop, I prefer having latte (gee, once I had Chai Latte in Cafe Exhibitionists in Töölö, it was, I have to say, horrible, so I should not jump at everything that says: latte!).



And so there is one place in Helsinki city centre that I can recommend to you if you want to have some latte: Caffi. It is located in Lasipalatsi. You can have coffee, tea, you can also buy coffee and tea in ready packages / in grams, you can buy coffee or tea related tools… You can eat some chocolate – I never ate any of them but they look extremely attractive.





Caffi is very close to my apartment and I like taking my book and stop there for a cup of foamy, soft latte while I read a few pages. You can of course just buy take-away coffee and move on, but it has a nice little corner to sit down for a while.


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