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Interview With Mariana Núñez Sánchez On Cooking With Ink: Analogies Between Cooking And Making – Episode 22

My guest on the podcast today is Mariana Núñez Sánchez, a designer who works with and on food.

Mariana graduated from Aalto University with a Master of Arts degree in late 2020. Her thesis titled “Cooking Through Illustration” was about analogies between cooking and making, and she designed tools using this analogy to help people get more comfortable in the kitchen without being in the kitchen.

In this episode, Mariana and I talked about her personal relationship with food and cooking, and how this led to her thesis topic. We also talked about her thesis and the wooden tools that she designed that she used to “cook with ink” and to explore the analogies between cooking and making.

At the end of the episode, Mariana invites to a different experience in the kitchen than you are used to. Write us about this experience!

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More information about Mariana and her work:
The link to her thesis:
Her project’s instagram:
Her personal instagram:

Have a great week!

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